Johnsons Ingredients

At Johnsons we also produce high quality fruit and sweet confectionery based ingredients for retailers and manufacturers to use in their ice-cream, desserts, muffins, yogurts, cakes or doughnuts. Contact us with your specific requirements.

Confectionery products

Premium confectionery ingredients & accompaniments

Topping & decoration sauces,, Injection Sauces, Glazes, Ripples, Swirl Sauces, Coatings & Ganaches

Pack Sizes 1Kg, 2Kg, 6Kg, 12.5kg, 15kg & 25kg

Chilled or Ambient – Shelf Life Chilled typically 4 weeks, Ambient up to 6 months.

Fruit products

Premium fruit based ingredients and accompaniments produced utilising our know-how in fresh.

Hot process plant for toppings/ Ripples, Cold process plants for Pie Fillings.

Compotes, Coulis, Ripples, Sorbet Mixes, Jams, Fruit Curds, Jellies, Gels & Pie Fillings

Pack Sizes 1Kg, 2Kg, 6Kg,12.5Kg,15Kg, 25Kg

Chilled or Ambient - Shelf Life Chilled typically 6 weeks, Ambient up to 6 months, Cold and Semi Cold Process 2 weeks

Premium fruit based drinks

Utilising our capabilities and expertise as Europe’s largest Freshly squeezed juice producer we can squeeze and blend juices to your requirements.

Bulk Juice for the use in Desserts, Sorbets, Lollies, Cakes, Dressings.

Pack Sizes 2.27Ltr, 12.5Ltr, 1000Ltr Pallecons, 15Ltr Pergalls