At Johnsons Juice Company we’re single minded when it comes to quality. We have 1 goal; TASTE, and bundles of it! Welcome to our world.


There are many juices on the market but not all juices are the same. Johnsons freshly squeezed juice is just that, fresh and squeezed from this seasons oranges. Johnsons freshly squeezed orange juice tastes exactly like an orange, because until very WAS an orange!

We don't ever, EVER freeze or use concentrates in our juices. We also NEVER add water or sugar to our orange juice. Why spoil something so naturally tasty?

So how do we 'make' our juices? Much the same as you would at home, but on an oh so slightly bigger scale. You cut an orange in half and squeeze hard then watch the juice pour. Seeing as we do this on a daily basis, we've got some bigger squeezers, but the method is very much the same. We do all the hard messy work so you can sit back and enjoy juices with no compromise on taste, full of zesty freshness and bursting with Vitamin C (over 150% NRV per glass). Nothing added, Nothing taken away.

When our juice stands for a while, the pulp will separate from the juice and settle at bottom of the bottle, don't worry though it's entirely natural and if you squeezed juice at home, you'd see the same thing after a little while. Just give the bottle a little shake.


Johnsons Juice is a small juice producer. A team follows the sun looking for the best sun-ripened oranges, picks them at their juiciest and brings them back to Kent to be squeezed each day. You know how sometimes you eat an orange and it's really sharp or bitter or sweet? Well, that is down to Mother Nature dictating that though the seasons, oranges (as with lots of other fruit) will taste slightly different. So, we work hard to select oranges from different parts of the world (and their different seasons), to make sure that we blend some of the tongue-tingly stuff with the sweeter-smoother stuff to give you the best tasting juice for the day.